The New Best Goal Scorers widget is now available!

1 min readMar 31, 2022


We debut the new Best Goal Scorers widget in all major competitions this week!

Top scorers based on the geographic location of the visitors

The widget highlights the best scorers in the main competitions, respecting the geographical origin of the users. Depending on the location, the best scorers may vary to provide the most valuable information to users.

In this first version, the widget includes:

- The player’s ranking.
- Player image.
- Information regarding the player’s team.
- Name.
- Position in the field.
- The number of goals scored in the current season.

In the following updates, information about the average odds for the player to score a goal in the next match will be added.

The number of players featured can be up to 20.

The widget is available in Web, Tablet, and Mobile versions.

Next Betarena features

In this next sprint to the scores platform, we prepare the widget that includes relevant information about the type of content and information Betarena offers its users. We are also working on some performance improvements and general issues in the platform to keep the best experience for the visitors.

You can check what we are working on in the next sprint.




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