Betarena’s new scores platform

As planned in Betarena’s roadmap, we debuted the new live scores platform in February. This is an essential milestone in Betarena’s strategy to become one of the most relevant sports content platforms.

With the launch of the new platform, we have added to Betarena a new live scores section. The new scores project complements the existing content platform that publishes thousands of articles and predictions about various sports events daily.

The new platform, currently in the BETA phase and in a minimal first version, allows access to a game table with live scores, incidences of the sporting events, and links to watch the goals. It is also possible to check the featured match, get to know the best odds, vote on the final result, and where it is possible to watch the matches in streaming. Also available is a list of competitions that will later lead to detailed information web pages.

The new platform has light and dark themes, allowing you to select the most relevant bookmaker odds for each country. Available in 5 languages and initially focused on football.

This is just the first step in building the platform that aims to gather the most relevant statistical data on various sports and intends to have the community’s contribution in the development of the platform and data insertion.

The platform is open source and seeks to attract users’ interest so that they can contribute positively to the project. Get to know the Github repository and become involved.

Get to know the new Scores platform and make a comment. The feedback from our users is crucial.



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