Betarena releases the tournaments section on the new platform

3 min readOct 10, 2022


With great excitement, we introduce the new tournaments section now available on Betarena.

This is another step in building Betarena’s new platform, which will soon have WEB3 features and access to the Betarena token. The first sports platform of its kind.

Betarena covers thousands of competitions worldwide. The launch includes the new tournaments section where it is possible to get all the most relevant information about each competition. In the coming months, new widgets will be added to this new section, and information that is not yet available will be added.

You can access the tournaments from the league’s list on the home (desktop) or through the competition name in the fixtures table.

Visit the Premier League here to get acquainted with the new tournaments section!

Highlights of the new tournaments section

Main Information About the Tournament

General information

At the top, you can find the primary data about the competition.

  • League Name;
  • Country;
  • Number of teams in the competition;
  • Browse and check the data from previous seasons until 05/06;
  • Follow the competition;
  • Check the start and end date of the competition;
  • Browse between the various areas of the tournaments section;
Tournament Standings and Players ratings

Standings table for the tournament’s teams

On this widget, you can access the teams’ standings table with detailed information regarding the teams’ performance, including:

  • Team’s Points;
  • Games Played;
  • Number of wins, draws, and defeats;
  • Goals scored;
  • Goals conceded;
  • Goals average in the competition;
  • Average yellow cards;
  • Average corners;
  • Percentage of matches with more than 1.5 goals;
  • Percentage of matches with more than 2.5 goals;
  • What is the probability of the team winning the next match;

Data on the best players in the competition

Here it is possible to find data about the player’s performance in the competition.

  • The average rating of the players in the competition;
  • Number of goals scored in the competition;
  • Total assists
  • Total shots;
Fixtures Data
Fixtures Odds

Tournament fixtures

This widget allows you to see all rounds of the competition and follow the matches in real-time and live odds.

  • Select between viewing the fixtures and odds;
  • Navigate between the various rounds and weeks of the competition;
  • Access to game forecasts;
  • Access to dates, teams in the competition, and results;
  • Indication of games with highlights videos;

Competition information

On this widget, we can find some relevant data about the tournament.

  • Number of teams in the competition;
  • Total goals scored;
  • Average goals per game;
  • Percentage of wins;
  • Average rating;

About the tournament

On this widget, you will find updated content after each round, containing a recap of the most relevant data about the competition and the most important events of the previous round.

Keep an eye on the Betarena Medium page to stay informed about this update and other exciting new developments coming soon to the Betarena platform.

Betarena is an Open Source platform and its code is available on Github. You can also follow all the future features and tweaks the Betarena team is preparing.




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